Name - Boras_PKA_CBD-B_mutant_A-inhibited

BioModel ID - 91164078

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Name Math Type Annotation
test Deterministic (ODE) Compartmental

Application - test

Specifications(Species) - test See in Dashboard
Species Initial Condition Diffusion Constant
PKA_Unnamed_compartment 0.0125 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_B_C2_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_B_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_B_C_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_BB_A_C_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
C_Unnamed_compartment 5.025 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_C_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_2C_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_BB_A_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
cAMP_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
Specifications(Reaction) - test See in Dashboard
Name Reaction Mapping
r2 included
reaction11 included
reaction17 included
r3 included
reaction21 included
r1 included
reaction22 included
reaction5 included
reaction6 included
reaction0 included
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Name End Time Output Options
Simulation0 1200.0 [s]

KeepEvery 20

KeepAtMost 6000

Copy of Simulation0 500000.0 [s]

KeepEvery 20

KeepAtMost 6000

Copy of Copy of Simulation0 500000.0 [s]

KeepEvery 20

KeepAtMost 6000

Geometry non-spatial1833399091 See in Dashboard
(Origin: 0.0, 0.0, 0.0; Extent: 10.0, 10.0, 10.0[um])
Dimension Type Subdomain Adjacent Subvolumes Size Mapped Compartment
Compartmental Compartment Unnamed compartment

Global Parameters

Global Parameters See in Dashboard
Name Expression
F_B_binding 0.003175[uM-1.s-1]
B_kd 9.7E-4[tbd]
B_factor 5.0[tbd]
F_A_binding 0.003[uM-1.s-1]
A_kd 53.199999999999996[tbd]
A_factor 23.0[tbd]
C_kr 0.0023[s-1]
C_kd 3.27E-8[uM]
Vm 0.31[s-1]
Kf_A 0.08[1]
Kr_A 0.012[s-1]
Kf_B 0.082[1]
Kr_B 2.21E-4[s-1]
B1_factor 1.0[tbd]
A1_factor 226.0[tbd]
A2_factor 151.0[tbd]
B2_factor 602.0[tbd]
A2_kd 0.002[tbd]
spots 2.0[uM]
R_A_factor 1.0[tbd]
R_B_factor 1.0[tbd]
F1 1.0[tbd]
F2 1540.0[tbd]
F3 13.5[tbd]
F4 1550.0[tbd]
C_kd2 1.28E-5[tbd]
C_kr2 0.03[uM-1.s-1]
C_kr3 0.03[uM-1.s-1]
C_kr4 0.03[uM-1.s-1]
F5 8.27[tbd]
F9 2.288[tbd]