Name - Boras_PKA-CBD-A

BioModel ID - 91134220

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Name Math Type Annotation
test Deterministic (ODE) Compartmental

Application - test

Specifications(Species) - test See in Dashboard
Species Initial Condition Diffusion Constant
PKA_2C_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_BB_A_C_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_BB_A_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
cAMP_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_B_A_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_C_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_Unnamed_compartment 0.011 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_B_C2_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_AA_BB_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_B_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_B_C_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
C_Unnamed_compartment 0.02 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_BB_AA_C_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_B_A_C2_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_B_A_C_Unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
PKA_B_B_unnamed_compartment 0.0 [uM] 0.0 [um2/s]
Specifications(Reaction) - test See in Dashboard
Name Reaction Mapping
reaction18 included
reaction9 included
r2 included
reaction5 included
reaction22 included
reaction8 included
reaction1 included
reaction4 included
reaction6 included
r3 included
reaction15 included
r0 included
r4 included
r1 included
reaction3 included
reaction21 included
reaction7 included
reaction17 included
reaction11 included
reaction0 included
Simulations - test See in Dashboard
Name End Time Output Options
Simulation0 1200.0 [s]

KeepEvery 20

KeepAtMost 6000

Copy of Simulation0 5000.0 [s]

KeepEvery 20

KeepAtMost 6000

Copy of Copy of Simulation0 50000.0 [s]

KeepEvery 20

KeepAtMost 6000

Geometry non-spatial1833399091 See in Dashboard
(Origin: 0.0, 0.0, 0.0; Extent: 10.0, 10.0, 10.0[um])
Dimension Type Subdomain Adjacent Subvolumes Size Mapped Compartment
Compartmental Compartment Unnamed compartment

Global Parameters

Global Parameters See in Dashboard
Name Expression
F_B_binding 0.003175[uM-1.s-1]
B_kd 0.428[tbd]
B_factor 5.0[tbd]
F_A_binding 0.003[uM-1.s-1]
A_kd 8.34E-7[tbd]
A_factor 23.0[tbd]
C_kr 0.0023[s-1]
C_kd 3.14E-8[uM]
Vm 0.31[s-1]
Kf_A 0.08[1]
Kr_A 0.012[s-1]
Kf_B 0.082[1]
Kr_B 2.21E-4[s-1]
B1_factor 1.0[tbd]
A1_factor 226.0[tbd]
A2_factor 151.0[tbd]
B2_factor 602.0[tbd]
A2_kd 3.52E-5[tbd]
spots 2.0[uM]
R_A_factor 1.0[tbd]
R_B_factor 1.0[tbd]
F2 1.0[tbd]
F1 1.0[tbd]
F3 185.0[tbd]
F4 125000.0[tbd]
C_kd2 1.96E-5[uM]
C_kr2 0.03[uM-1.s-1]
C_kr3 0.03[uM-1.s-1]
C_kr4 0.03[uM-1.s-1]
C_kr5 0.03[uM-1.s-1]
F7 218000.0[tbd]
F9 0.833[tbd]
F5 1.0[tbd]